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"I came to Cathy through a mutual colleague, and I can confidently say she is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with.  I am a marathon runner and after knee surgery for a torn meniscus, I had gotten nowhere with recovery in the months after surgery with other therapists.  All of the "same old therapies" and apathetic practitioners were getting me nowhere.  Cathy made time for me, studied my numerous issues, and created a plan for recovery.  Most of all, she stuck with me and managed my recovery from start to finish.  Not only does she have a seemingly infinite well of knowledge and experience, Cathy is compassionate and easy to work with.  I could tell she truly cared.  Within a couple months I was back to running again, and by the end of the year I was running 50 miles a week.  And the following year I was able to purposefully train without any setbacks, culminating in running a 2:49 marathon, my best in four years.  This would not have been possible without Dr. Cathy Curran." 


"Physical therapy with Dr. Cathy Curran for my shoulder was excellent. I was recovering from a very painful shoulder tear and Cathy’s knowledge and application of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and soft tissue mobilization successfully lead me to a full recovery. Cathy understood my limitations and the best way to get my shoulder fully functional again. I was very pleased with the therapy I received and my progress. It got me back to work and the athletics I love."


"I started working with Dr. Curran after suffering a herniated disc in my back.  The pain was so severe I could not walk on my right leg.  Dr. Curran evaluated my condition, put together a comprehensive plan and began treatments immediately.  Dr. Curran tried a variety of exercises and pain management techniques that not only helped me become pain free, but allowed me to go back to my regular exercise routines.  Most importantly, Dr. Curran equipped me with the proper tools and awareness in order to remain pain free and exercise in a more mindful manner."

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