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Below are a few frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us at for further questions!

  • What is concierge, mobile physical therapy?"
    Concierge physical therapy is physical therapy based on your individual needs. All treatment sessions are one-on-one with the same therapist each visit. Since we are a mobile practice, you choose the environment, whether it is your home, office, gym or another location that you choose.
  • What does physical therapy entail?
    The first visit for every new patient involves a detailed evaluation and assessment of your body. This includes a discussion of why you are coming to physical therapy, medical history, activity level, goals, etc. to better understand your needs. We then take a look at your body! This includes: - Postural Assessment - Range of Motion - Strength Assessment - Tissue Palpation - Movement Quality Assessment - Functional and Special Tests This evaluation and assessment is key to determining the right plan of care for you to get you back to doing what you love most.
  • How often do I have to have physical therapy and for how long?
    It depends! Each person's needs are different - this is why the PT Evaluation and Assessment are so important. We determine the frequency and duration of physical therapy based on your individual needs. For some, the frequency may be multiple times per week (immediate post-surgical, severe pain, etc.) and others we may see 1x per week or 1x every few weeks based on their stage of care. Our goal is to get you better so that you no longer need physical therapy and can continue to maintain your level of health and function independently!
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