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ReSculPT Physical Therapy-01.png
Image by Bruno Nascimento

Resculpt, rehab and restore your body.

The team at ResculPT Physical Therapy and Wellness believes in one-on-one, direct patient care. We individualize each patient's treatments based on their unique body and needs.

Concierge Physical Therapy

We provide concierge physical therapy services. Each patient receives one-on-one, direct care with their own individualized rehabilitation plan. You will never be passed onto an aide and will see the same therapist for each treatment session.

Direct Access

In Illinois, patients have Direct Access to physical therapy, allowing physical therapy evaluation and short-term treatment without a prescription from a physician. Once physical therapy is deemed appropriate as an effective treatment, a plan of care is established and provided to the patient's physician to optimize medical collaboration. Call today to make an appointment!

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